Submissive Rules – Communication

As mentioned in 2 Dark Mirrors,  I am posting the rules that Lina was following here on the website, so they didn’t distract from the book – More soon.

Rules don’t happen all at once and long before I would ask a submissive to give herself to me (unless it is sessions only), I expect her to agree to these because communication is the basis for everything else.

Early on, these rules promote honesty and mutual respect while reducing insecurity, evasiveness and guilt. In 2 Dark Mirrors, these were not explained but it’s clear that they had been understood by Lina (though she might have been a natural – it happens) . In reality, I don’t believe that these should need to be explained as everyone would get along better and waste less time if we simply focused a bit more on each other when we speak, and if we were honest instead of playing games. If a potential submissive has trouble following these and doesn’t try to correct it, I would begin to think that she wasn’t suitable.

Patrick would have given the following to Lina and it’s what I expect from a potential submissive:

1. Availability:You are to notify me of any times that you won’t be available to communicate and when you will be available again.
2. Acknowledgement: If you cannot respond to something within a reasonable amount of time, you must tell me that you have received it, when you will reply and live up to that promise.
3. Focus: I will not accept long delays in conversations, lack of focus, evasiveness, or simply dropping off without reason. It is your responsibility to tell me why you are not committing fully to our conversation.
4. Clarity: When responding, you must reply to every part of a message and answer every question fully. I don’t want to have to repeat myself and need to know that you have read and understood everything. Not doing this will be seen as being either flippant or evasive.
5. Honesty: All that you say must be honest at all times and you must trust that honesty will never make me angry. I cannot read minds though and it is your responsibility to tell me if something I have said upsets you or is unclear. I won’t play games with you, so don’t with me. Be blunt if you need to.

As your Master, I promise to follow these.



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