Errors & Omissions

The list of things that somehow made it through the edit. (There’s a couple of small mistakes, commas etc, that I’m just leaving alone.)

1) Ejército de liberación nacional – ELN

This is NOT the same group as the one in Colombia (where through a strange coincidence, I am typing this.) I’m very annoyed with myself as I put a lot of work into making sure that the country Lina was in was generic and that the group that kidnapped her didn’t exist. (There are a lot! Searching the words: people’s, liberation, army, front they’re all taken.) After all that work, I somehow must have used one from my “Do NOT use” list.

Here’s a link to the group in Colombia that ISN’T in the book: ELN – Colombia

2) The Latin American Toilet – Spritzer

It’s true that in many places in Latin America you aren’t supposed to flush paper down the toilet. This is also true in many parts of Asia, where they use the spritzer, which I have yet to see in Latin America.  I had Patrick explaining that he’d added the spritzer even though it wasn’t common there but probably took it out because it seemed too much to explain about a toilet… and here I am doing it again.

In short: Bum guns are common in Asia, not in Latin America.

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