2 Dark Mirrors – Novel(s)

The reviews have been great on the novel but unfortunately, it was costing me more to market than I was getting in sales. So that I could move onto writing (instead of marketing), I’ve decided to split the novel in two and to have part #1 free. Hopefully, having more readers of the first part will allow for more overall readers.

The new parts are:

  • 2 Dark Mirrors #1: Desire
  • 2 Dark Mirrors #2: Release

2 Dark Mirrors Website

This website is still new, so I’m having to catch up with all of the information that I said I’d have up here in the book: Real events in the book, Rules etc.  Note that with the second book we’ll be moving some of this, at least to: (This website is still not up)

If you’re waiting, please check back or subscribe. If it’s something specific you’re looking for, feel free to contact me.

“MIndfulness Mastered”

As I wrote this book, I realized that much of what I am training my submissive to do is letting of habits that harm her and to be more in touch with her real-self and the real world;  in essence, living a completely mindful life. I could see value in everyone doing this (in a limited way) so I’ve decided to write my next book as a philosophy and “how to” for everyone (not just submissives) to do these things.  If you’re interested in reading this and / or getting an advance review copy, please contact me.